3D Animation of HIV Replication

This is an outstanding 3D animation of HIV replication cycle. I especially loved the entry part, which is like watching a science fiction movie.

The animation is fairly accurate representation of what we know about the this viruses life cycle today, except the part on entry of viral DNA into nucleus. Based on our current knowledge, import of viral DNA into nucleus is not dependent on integrase but other viral and host proteins that are still elusive. Integrase is however necessary for the integration of virus DNA into host genome.

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60 thoughts on “3D Animation of HIV Replication

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  3. Dr Edward Chavez

    Please I need to send me this video, because I work in prmotion and prevention of trasmitted infections diseases y HIV-AIDS,

  4. This was an amazing film, very very well done, and illustratively excellent…if you publish more of these I would like to be able to purvhase them for study purposes….nice job..
    Allan M. Malkasian DDS
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    3826 Damsen Ave.
    Visalia, Calif 93291
    (559) 733-5792
    Impressive film.

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  6. John J

    reverse transcriptase doesnt just run through the genome twice. its primed by cellular t-RNA (which anneals to the pbs sequence), then the five prime end is replicated, then rnase removes the hybridized, newly constructed primer and it(the primer) migrates to the 3′ end and the minus strand dna is produced (as rna is removed). Plus strand Dna primes the polypurine tract downstream of the env gene, and the five prime end of the plus strand is synthd by td dna dependent dna poly. Rnase degrades the trna and ppt before a second jump occurs, this time the plus strand of dna binds the pbs by the 3’end of the – dna strand– and only then do you get to synth the rest and have a dsdna viral genome

  7. Felix N

    This is an amazing animation of HIV replication cycle. It is very informative and useful for training purposes. Can you please send it to me for teaching purposes?


  8. Christine Chin

    This is a fantastic animation of HIV replication cycle. Can you please send it to me for teaching purposes too.

    Many thanks.

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  11. Marvin Magarian, Clinical Lab Scientist

    Not only does this demonstration animate HIV viral replication, it demonstrates the central dogma of molecular biology which is Replication of DNA, Transcription of RNA, and Translation into protein synthesis. Excellent work.

  12. A fantastic Education Material on understanding the concept of Viral Replication.

    I will be greatful If I could get a Downloadable Animation for the benefit of our Students.

  13. walter bosques COSTA RICA

    me parece excelente el video, muy ilustrativo, deja muy claro como sucede la replicación viral y como se inhibe por medio del TARV. Me gustaría tenerlo para poder mostrarselo a mis pacientes. I don’t speak english very good. How I can download the video for the benefit of mine patients?

  14. Tigistu Adamu

    Same, here loved it, but was thinking how i can have this to share it during my prensentation to Medical and nusring students?

  15. I would love a copy of this video, add to my website as well as to us in presentation when I speak. This is probably one of the best representations I have seen to date!

  16. This is an amazing video. It would be of great benefit to new students studying and working in the field of HIV. Could I be sent a copy via email. I would happily pay for a copy.

  17. The BEST YouTube animation (not just animation, the best video ever) I have ever seen. Thank you very much. I intend to upload the same should I wish to discuss about HIV in my blog.

  18. Christina

    This video is great! If you are making downloadable copies available for teaching I would love to have one.
    Thank you!

  19. Zufan sisay

    This is an amazing animation. It will help me a lot in my study and also presentation if you could send me a copy of it by email.
    Thank you

  20. abdullah

    its very informative and well done,
    but too much technical jargon
    not suitable fr every 1 as not every 1 will understand wats goin on

  21. Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    I guess it is alright. The only problem is that reverse transcriptase enzyme actually attatches to the anticodon of the virus. Know what I am saying?

  22. Dr. Muhammed Shakir

    Simply Brilliant! I am a brain surgeon and I simply love it. Beautiful piece of work. It is absolutely positively amazing.

  23. Tunicamycin

    It’s a beautifully designed movie, and the graphics are amazing.
    However, there are several factual errors. Some of these (import of HIV genome into nucleus, mechanism by which reverse-transcription occurs) have been pointed out.

    In addition, the capsid doesn’t form around the viral RNA before budding. The entire (purple) protein, known as ‘Gag’ before it is chopped up by the protease, forms a shell around the viral RNA as the virus buds from the host cell. The host cell membrane, which by now has viral entry proteins embedded in it, coats this shell, and the immature virus buds.

    Some time after the virus buds out of the host cell, the protease, which is packaged inside the virus, starts chopping up the Gag protein into fragments, some of which finally form a capsid around the viral RNA. The virus in this state, with a fully-formed capsid, is now mature, and is capable of infecting other cells.

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  25. Every time I come to biosingularity.wordpress.com you have another exciting post up. A friend of mine was talking to me about this topic a couple weeks ago, so I think I will e-mail my friend the url here and see what they say.

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