Study finds link between autism and obesity during pregnancy

Pregnant women might now have one more good reason to watch their diet and exercise: A new study links autism and developmental delays in young children to metabolic conditions, like obesity and diabetes, in their mothers.

The findings, published in Monday’s edition of the journal Pediatrics, found that women who had diabetes or hypertension or were obese were 1.61 times as likely as healthy women to have children with autism spectrum disorders. They also were 2.35 times as likely to have children with developmental delays.

Child development experts said the findings were interesting but that it would be premature to suggest that the results could help explain the dramatic rise in diagnosed cases of autism over the last decade.

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One thought on “Study finds link between autism and obesity during pregnancy

  1. elizabeth allen

    I have a son with severe autism. I was skinny as could be,, and do not have diabetes, nor does anyone in my family. Studies like this do not speak about the high levels of toxins in our environment,, or the mercury and thimersaol in childrens medications. My son was fine until 9 months when he got the DPT shot. He screamed for 24 hours, his arm swollen 3 times the size and he was never the same after. He suffers from autism so severe his self injurious behaviors nearly cost him his life. He is now 42 yrs old, and I account his progress and ability to live in a community group home, and working at delivering meals on wheels to the elderly on his 5 year placement at the controverial Judge Rotenberg Center in Mass. If not for that Center and those procedures (that I would only permit done at the JRC), my son would probably be dead. Ask parent of the autistic what they believe and chances are they will tell you what I am…our kids are sufferening from an environmental overload of toxicity that we mothers were living with during the pregnancy and coupled with these baby shots caused the autism. To get at the truth, be mindful that big pharma will not be blamed as the lawsuits coming out of the truth would drive them all into bankruptcy.

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