Lapses in oversight compromise omics results

apses in oversight that prevented a US university from identifying the flawed research behind a series of clinical trials are symptomatic of a larger problem says a report by the US Institute of Medicine (IOM), released today. The case in question, which revolves around papers relating to cancer treatment published by researcher Anil Potti, indicates a need for higher standards in the development of tests based on genomics, proteomics and similar large-scale studies, the report says.

Loosely dubbed ‘omics’, such large-scale studies of genes, proteins and other molecular characteristics of whole organisms have been lauded as a way potentially to detect disease and evaluate how people respond to drugs. In theory, the approach could pave the way to personalized treatments. But the development of reliable clinical tests based on omics findings has taken longer than expected.

via Lapses in oversight compromise omics results : Nature News & Comment.

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