Scientists Find New Clues to Aging

A mutant protein known to be involved in the rare premature aging condition known as progeria appears to play a role in normal aging, too, scientists report. The mechanism that triggers premature aging also seems to trigger normal cell aging.The finding is expected to offer new clues about aging.”We have learned something fundamental about the way your cells and mine are programmed to have a limited life span,” says researcher Francis Collins, MD, PhD, director of the National Institutes of Health. “It looks like it is not just a passive process.”

via Scientists Find New Clues to Aging.

2 thoughts on “Scientists Find New Clues to Aging

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  2. Rod

    So, I wonder what would happen, if through RNAi technology, someone were to introduce MORE mutant protein codes into the DNA by mapping the genetics of the protein… would the DNA “police” intercept the codes, destroy ALL of the protein cells with that mapping and essentially prohibiting the trigger for cell aging — and we live forever?

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