ADHD: Genetic Mutation May Be Key

A single-letter change in the DNA code may spell ADHD, Korean researchers report.

ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — makes it very hard for about 5% of school-aged children to learn. Kids with ADHD are impulsive and can’t sit still. They can’t focus their attention and have trouble learning and remembering.

It’s not clear why some children get ADHD and others don’t. Now Korean researchers report that children with ADHD tend to have a particular DNA misspelling — a single-nucleotide polymorphism or SNP — that affects an important brain function gene called GIT1.

Mice genetically engineered to carry this SNP are hyperactive and have poor learning and memory skills. But when given stimulant ADHD drugs, the mice become normal.

via ADHD: Genetic Mutation May Be Key.


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