Wandering Mind May Lead to Unhappiness

People are happiest when having sex, exercising, or talking to others — in large part because such activities require enough concentration to keep their minds from wandering, new research indicates.

In general, people spend almost half their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing in the present, and this “mind wandering” typically causes unhappiness, study author Matthew A. Killingsworth, a doctoral student at Harvard University, tells WebMD.

Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert, PhD, a psychology professor at Harvard, used a new type of iPhone “app” to gather 250,000 data points on the thoughts, feelings, and actions of people as they went about their daily lives.

via Wandering Mind May Lead to Unhappiness.

One thought on “Wandering Mind May Lead to Unhappiness

  1. John DuBose

    Could it be that when an activity is important enough, it grabs ones attention. When an important activity reaches a successful conclusion. Is that happiness ? I think so.

    Several years ago, I had a random game of duplicate bridge with a lady whos husband had just died. We were not close friends, but she gained about 4 hours of happiness. We Placed about 3rd !

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