Mediterranean Diet Helps Control Diabetes

ating a Mediterranean-style diet may help people with type 2 diabetes keep their disease under control without drugs better than following a typical low-fat diet.

Mediterranean Diet Helps Control Diabetes.

2 thoughts on “Mediterranean Diet Helps Control Diabetes

  1. Its a very interesting article. I think the reason that a Mediterranean diet is best is because the high intake of vegetables and whole grains, this 2 foods give us glucose in a slower way keeping sugar levels lower. Also the high intake of olive oil is healthy, I’ve read different benefits of eating online oil at least once a week. Thanks for the article.

  2. Quote: [After four years of follow-up, the Mediterranean diet group had better glycemic (blood sugar) control and were less likely to require diabetes medications to bring their blood sugar within healthy levels.] :Quote <— unbelievably interesting. 🙂 Great information!! Thanks for sharing this useful information. I'm going to get my Mediterranean style menu later. 😆

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