Too-Thin Thighs Unhealthy?

Thighs Less Than 23 Inches Around May Be Risky, Maybe Because of Too Little Muscle

Too-Thin Thighs Unhealthy? .


2 thoughts on “Too-Thin Thighs Unhealthy?

  1. Chris Mortimer

    The statement is to broad, females will often have thinner legs because on average they are smaller then men.
    Height and gender need to be taken in to consideration.

    Some people have found that hip width to leg thickness is often a better way of judging health of a individual. As someone with very small hips may look very odd with 23 inch legs, where as someone with average sized hips and 19 inch thick thighs will look very thin, very obvious to the eye that the person is underweight.

    Some people claim that if a person stands with feet shoulder width apart and thier thighs do not touch that they are underweight, this could be an easy way to judge weight of a person whilst including the the body dimensions that are unique to each person.

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