Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME

Whether because exercise makes us hungry or because we want to reward ourselves, many people eat more — and eat more junk food, like doughnuts — after going to the gym.

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME.


2 thoughts on “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME

  1. Lawless

    I don’t want to argue against the main thesis of the article, and I’m sure that many forms of exercise are no good. But I wanted to comment on the part where the author tells us that muscle is better than fat BECAUSE one gram of muscle burns more calories then one gram of fat does.

    I couldn’t believe I was reading that. Doesn’t every sensible person know that “weight loss” is actually an euphemism for “fat loss”? People who try to lose “weight” actually want to get rid of their fat, and experts who give fat loss advice use the expression “weight loss” only because it sounds nicer. Give an overweight man a choice of either a) losing half of his body fat, or b) replacing half of his body fat with muscle. I don’t think there are many men in the world who would choose the first option.

    But Mr. Cloud turns it upside down. He writes that muscle is good because it helps us lose weight. That’s absurd.

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