Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer

Its already known that weight-loss surgery for morbid obesity can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems. Now, new research shows that it may also cut a persons risk of cancer by 80-percent.

18 thoughts on “Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer

  1. Yes, being overweight or obese is a significant cancer risk. Obesity contributes to as much as 20 percent of all cancer related mortality. Weight control, dietary choices and levels of physical activity are the most important and highly recommended to prevent cancer risks. For a healthy weight loss, the adoption of a healthy and adequate diet in terms of quality and quantity cannot be over-emphasized. One’s diet should be composed of the essentials such as carbohydrates, calcium, grains, fruits, etc. For more information on obesity and cancer risk go to know more, click here

  2. Obesity is really a great problem to anyone specially to a woman cause woman are figure concious. Study shows that many man leads to obesity that can cause many health problems such as cancer, heart attack and diabetes.

    Nowadays there are a lot of ways on how to reduce fats. And this article is one of them. You can also take weight loss tea, do some dieting, exercise, taking diet pills, lyposuction, etc. But I suggest that you give consideration on drinking the wieght loss tea. Cause tea has its natural ingredients that can’t harm your system It can also boosts metabolism and also have a lot of good effects on our body.

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  4. It should be another great motivator for people to lose that fat and get healthy. Your immune system is what defeats cancer and all diseases. If you are fat your body is out of harmony and your immune system is not operating the way it should. Eat healthy, exercise, and change your lifestyle and you will add many years to your life.

  5. yah, ok, I’ll agree that losing weight can help fight cancer, but be careful what you’re claiming because I kinda doubt that the surgery is what reduces cancer risk. Its the actual WEIGHT LOSS that reduces the risk, not the way you lose the weight… same reductions can come from losing weight the natural way.

    thanks for this tho, the main message is loud ‘n clear.

  6. Well, there are many ways to lose weigh unfortunatelly many weight loss diets will make you lose weight as a muscle as opposed to fat. So what is important is to learn how to lose fat, preserve and build muscles — that is the only way you can shrink belly fat and stop yo-yo dieting…Just my 2 cents

  7. Obesity is on the increase throught out the western world, yet we have more so called “diet” drinks and “low fat foods” than ever. That should tell us something. Oldfashioned, unprocessed, natural, and balanced is the way to go. I’m not in favour of diets as such, or surgery for that matter, but rather a lifetime of healthy eating and regular exercise. I guess by the time you need surgery it is the last resort.

  8. I think obesity did not just happen in the western world only coz all over world people do face it. in my opinion this is due to too much of food and drink choices. Beside the aggressive marketing efford that the company make, it just like magnet to force people buy it althought they know potential dangerous.

  9. Macdonalds, fastfood, sugar in drings, prosessed foods, you become what you eat. And it won’t help much if your desire to lose weight is lower than your desire for fast food. Surgary doesn’t change someones lifestyle so im surprised to see this i must say, but that’s a positive thing right there.

  10. I am always looking for great information regarding improvement of both mind and body.Yours is one of the most informative I have happened upon while researching this topic. Thanks and keep up the good work. Marc

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