Bacteria vs. Humans: Score One for Us

Researchers in San Diego announce a new molecule that stops bacteria from mutating to become resistant to antibiotics.

A biochemist at Scripps Research Institute, Dr. Romesberg has announced the discovery of a molecule that inhibits bacteria’s ability to change its DNA and fend off the mortal threat of antibiotics. The moleculer was found after the lab screened more than 100,000 possible compounds. The molecule also slips easily into a bacterial cell, which is critical to creating an effective tool to zap the bugs.

Read rest of this story on Technology Review site.


2 thoughts on “Bacteria vs. Humans: Score One for Us

  1. Hi. I am a computational biology PhD student at Carnegie Mellon and came across your blog while surfing the web. I am new to blogging about bioinformatics and genomics. Its a good blog you have there. Looking forward to learning a lot more from you. You have been tagged by me.

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