Resveratrol prevents obesity and drastically increases physical endurance.

Researchers at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France have found that resveratrol boosts the exercise capacity of muscles in mice and protects against diet-induced insulin resistance and obesity. The research was published online on November 16, 2006 in the journal Cell.

Johan Auwerx and colleagues gave mice 200 or 400 milligrams per kilogram resveratrol daily combined with a high fat diet or regular chow diet for fifteen weeks. Mice who received the chow combined with resveratrol tended to gain less weight than animals who did not receive the compound. Predictably, mice who received the high fat diet gained significantly more weight than mice on the regular chow, yet those who received resveratrol weighed almost the same as mice on the unsupplemented chow diet over the course of the study.

The researchers determined that the decrease in weight was due to a reduction in body fat, with resveratrol-fed mice having smaller fat cells than those who did not receive it. This finding was not due to a decrease in food intake, as all mice on the high fat diet were found to have consumed a similar amount of calories per day, and had similar fecal lipid content. It was discovered that animals who received resveratrol had greater energy expenditure, with enhanced mitochondrial activity in brown adipose tissue and muscle. In an endurance test, mice who received resveratrol were able to run twice the distance that untreated mice ran before experiencing exhaustion. Similar results were obtained for endurance tests conducted with the groups who were fed the chow diets, showing that the significant difference in weight among the high-fat diet groups was not a factor in the increased resistance to muscle fatigue experienced by resveratrol-fed mice.

Although fasting glucose levels were not affected by resveratrol administration, mice that received the compound had significantly reduced fasting insulin levels, indicating improved insulin sensitivity. In another experiment with genetically obese mice on high fat diets, resveratrol improved glucose tolerance and fasting glucose levels without affecting weight, which suggests that resveratrol’s antidiabetic effects may be independent of its effects on body weight.

In agreement with previous research, the team concluded that resveratrol increases the activity of the gene Sirt1, which has been associated with increased life span. In an experiment with humans, they demonstrated an association between genetic variation in the Sirt1 gene and whole body energy expenditure.

“This work is significant because it shows that a SIRT1 activator can protect against metabolic disease, highlighting the therapeutic potential of sirtuins,” Dr Auwerx stated. “Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of red grapes and hence in red wine, could very well explain the French Paradox.”

Source: Life Extension


8 thoughts on “Resveratrol prevents obesity and drastically increases physical endurance.

  1. Howard Ellis

    I am looking for a supplement that actually contains enough resveratrol and trans-resveratrol to allow me to roughly duplicate the dosage used in the recent studies by Drs. Sinclair and Auwerx. So far all I have found are some dodgy ones with no more than 25mg of res. I need at least 250 mg to be of any use. By my calculation a 250 mg dose would be equivalent to about 200 glasses of red wine. Anyone know of a reputable company selling res in this strength?

  2. stacy

    Could this be used in childhood brain tumor survivors at a high rate for obesity due to hypothalic axis issues? There is no research that I have found as a parent that explains or tries to treat these ongoing issues for these kids…including mine. She is gaining 4-6lbs a month on a diet from a nutritionist. Our other members of our family are losing too much weight supporting her. She is 9 and she will outweight me (her mother) in a couple of months at this rate. I am 5’8” and 120lbs. very active, marathon,triathelete. It’s so hard for her. She is a trooper and just got highlights in her hair. She’s beautiful. It’s not fair that she has to endure this too.

  3. bianca

    i’ve read the paper, and one of the odd thing I noticed about the data was in the picture comparing the two mouse livers. It was true that the one on resveratrol ddin’t have a fatty liver, however, it looked…’different’, not as flush and healthy as the control liver. I’ve tried asking my professor but he couldn’t find the answer in the paper either. The data has no mention of it. odd?

  4. I often find that papers like this are produced to show the subject matter in one way only. There does seem to be bias to one certain point of view. Maybe I am too cynical I just feel the way these papers are released is to persuade or disuade from use of a certain substance, normally to aid in one way or another a manufacturer of these type of substances.

  5. Resveratrol Review

    There is certainly more and more real evidence of body fat loss and physical endurance extensions.

    I for one have experienced both these and are as a result of taking a resveratrol supplement.

    The information in this article is being confirmed more and more every day.

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