Cool blog of the week: Fight Aging!

Fight Aging! blog is a great site to get information on latest news and efforts to stop the ultimate scourage that face us, the aging itself. There are many excellent articles that provide ideas to stimulate future research in understanding and slowing aging process. This blog also does a good job in creating awareness for the fund raising efforts for aging research.

From Fight Aging! web site: “We are on the verge of a revolution in medicine: understanding, treating, and ultimately preventing the causes of degenerative aging. But medical revolutions only happen if we all stand up in support of funding and research. We did it for cancer. We’re doing it for Alzheimer’s. We can do it for aging – and create an era of longer, healthier lives!”
I fully support this motto!


One thought on “Cool blog of the week: Fight Aging!

  1. Strangely I find that as I get older I get more interested in Aging!

    Lots of the research is along the lines of lifestyle, diet and health supplements. Medical pharmaceuticals do not seem relevant in the new paradigm.

    As the baby boomer generation starts to age they / we will find many different ways to live as fully as they always have. For this generation “loss of function” is not acceptable.

    The next few years will be fun!

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