Cool blog of the week: Multipolarity Memes

My pick this week, Multipolarity Memes, is a very interesting blog that is  dedicated to guide us to an accelerating, truly self-fulfilling future.

The topics covered are highly diverse from robotics, physics to biological advances. All posted stories accompany visually stimulating thematic pictures or surreal graphics. There are also some very interesting commentaries about futuristic social, political and philosphical issues or dilemmas.

Multipolarity Memes is one of the few blogs that does a great job guiding us to our accelerating future, highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “Cool blog of the week: Multipolarity Memes

  1. hey just wanted to say this is a cool blog, im linkin to it… for your biosingularity title banner, i think the image of the star-filled sky was a better pic… added a lot, you should keep it wit dat… peace

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