Cool blog of the week: Al Fin

This week’s cool blog site is Al Fin .The primary interest of the author is to see best of humanity survives long enough to reach the next level.

The site features cool new technological advances, many in biology, in a unique and clean fashion, which are occasionally accompanied with visually stimulating pictures. Most posts also contain well written commentaries that provide interesting perspectives to stories.

Al Fin also has one of the most extensive and well organized links of interest I have seen. There are many interesting links from machine intelligence to outer space, meticulously found and listed.

Al Fin is a great blog that I highly recommend.


2 thoughts on “Cool blog of the week: Al Fin

  1. jim

    Nice. I like how he puts direct quotes from the news release article in italics so you can tell what is from him and what is from the link he also supplies. Have you concidered this?
    best wishes.

  2. Yes very nice and clean. I have considered doing something similar but currently I am very limited with time so for now will stick to purely info blog style.

    I am happy that others are picking up on these stories and adding their comments, that is one major purpose of these blogs, to create awareness to truly important discoveries.

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