Cool blog of the week

This is first in series, where I will mention blogs or web links I find interesting.

This week’s recommended blog site is Technological Event Horizon. The author is an independent philosopher, Micah Glasser, and writes thoughtful and sometimes philosophical opinions on accelerated technological advancement.

The title of recent blog was “When Machines Transcend the Mechanical” where Micah argued that humans will not transcend biology, per se. Rather machines will transcend the mechanical. I agreed with this argument.

Description from the Event Horizon site ” The technological event horizon is the point in human history at which the exponential acceleration of technological evolution has become so rapid that it is an observable and measurable phenomenon pointing towards a near future singularity, which will mark the end of history as we know it. The purpose of this blog is to announce that we are upon this historical and technological event horizon and to report on and provide insight into news that is pertinent to it’s happening.”


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