How I choose my blogs?

I like to provide some idea on how I choose the stories posted in this blog.

First, I try to find discoveries that are real breakthroughs and not just incremental increases in knowledge, typically published in high profile, high impact science journals.

Second, I limit my blogs to several key technological areas, which I believe will have the greatest impact towards biosingularity, such as: Tissue, genetic and gadget oriented bioengineering, application of nanotechnology to biology, programming biological systems (stem cells, synthetic biology, biohacking, neuroprogramming).

I also focus on general medical and biological advances on understanding genetic code, stem cell biology, aging, immune system, nervous system, infectious organisms and cancer. I will also less frequently I will also post other major breakthroughs in other medical fields.

I believe breakthroughs in these fields will help us better to decode the biological programs and provide tools to reprogram or engineer biological systems. I also have better knowledge in these topics, which allows me to better judge the importance of the advances.

Of course as new technologies lead to new fields I will expand the categories that will encompass wider range of biological topics.

In addition, I hope to post both my commentaries or opinions regarding biological advances and about issues such as human life extension and transhumanism.


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